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3 means of securing funding when starting a new business

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Business

There is a lot of work required to establish a functional and profitable business. First, someone has to come up with a business model. Then they need to do market research to find out if there is sufficient demand or too much competition already established on the local market.

Then, when someone has an idea of what it will take to operate their business, they generally need to seek funding. Getting the money to turn an idea for a business into a functional organization can be one of the biggest challenges for an entrepreneur. There are many different paths that can lead to sufficient funding for someone’s business concept, including the three popular options below.

Traditional bank or investor financing

There are financial institutions that will provide startup loans for businesses. There are also investment groups, ranging from private coalitions of individuals to for-profit investor collectives that can help provide the capital necessary to secure facilities and equipment for someone’s business concept. The drawbacks of such systems include prohibitively high standards for first-time entrepreneurs that may lock out those without prior business management experience or perfect credit.


Crowdfunding has become a very popular way of getting a business model off the ground or a specific product out to the public. By offering either an interest in the business or the products from the first production run, an organization can secure early investment from members of the public and also raise awareness about their brand. The challenges of crowdfunding include the cost, as some platforms charge quite a bit for their services, as well as the possibility of not obtaining enough funding to move forward with the project.

Small personal investments

For those who only need a limited amount of capital, it may be possible to draw on personal relationships as a means of securing investment funds. Friends and family members who support someone’s business concept may contribute to their startup costs and help them develop an operational business. The downsides to this approach include straining one’s relationships with friends and family and the possibility of failure putting people that they are closest to in a difficult financial position.

Whatever funding method(s) someone decides to use when starting a business, they will need the right written agreements in place to protect themselves and also proper paperwork to attract investors or convince them of the value of the concept. Exploring all options for funding and different ways to structure a company can make it easier for entrepreneurs to protect themselves while getting a business idea off the ground.